April 2010
Human Connections Counseling Services Newsletter from Psychotherapist Mark Felber, M.S.

Mark Felber, M.S.
Human Connections
Counseling Services

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Mark Felber specializes in couples/marriage counseling and addictive behaviors. He also works with individuals who are experiencing grief, anger, and unresolved trauma issues. Other issues that often affect individuals such as drug abuse and codependency are also addressed in therapy.

Mr. Felber brings empathy and years of training in therapeutic techniques to his practice. His therapy sessions facilitate personal growth, heal childhood wounds, and address present difficulties.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Board Certified Professional Counselor
  • Board Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama,
    Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy
  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator
  • Relapse Prevention Therapist
  • Certified Solution-Focused Therapist
  • Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
  • Level II Advanced EMDR Trauma Resolution Facilitator
  • Level II Advanced Grief Counseling Facilitator
  • Level II Certified Experiential Therapist
  • Certified Anger Resolution Therapist
  • Certified Associate of Logotherapy

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A Note from Mark Felber

Message of Peace

I am the wind, breathing in you and for you, blowing gently
    over you and caressing you.
I am the earth, holding you. Give me the weight of your body
    and relax into my arms.
I am the sun, warming you, melting away the cares of this world.
I am the mountain, always here for you, always here for you,
    always here for you.
I am the river, flowing through you--through your head, your
    neck, you shoulders, your arms, your body, your legs, your
    feet. I give you peace.
I am the ocean, rising and falling, giving you deep beauty and rest.
I am the sky, open space never-ending, open space, vast and
    edgeless space, where you may float forever and ever.
I am the Light, the Light of eternal spirit. I am all around you.
I am in this world and in all worlds, for I am the Light of all
I am peace, I am spirit, I am love, I am life growing
    into new life.

~Sarah York

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But for many people, "critic" is much too mild a word. The voice they hear is crushing, relentless, a vicious screaming that cripples and controls.

Not everyone hears self-hatred as a voice in their heads. Sometimes, it's a way of being that manifests in myriad forms, including:

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