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APRIL 2014
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Dear Dr. Geittmann: Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! Not only did you get me through a long difficult pregnancy, but you made my labor and delivery so smooth and uneventful (and very easy)! You gave me my precious daughter and made sure we were both healthy the whole way through. You also got me through my last surgery pain-free! You are truly the best doctor! ~ Love, Ashley and family
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Discover The Benefits Of da Vinci Surgery

When medication and other treatments are unable to relieve your symptoms, surgery remains the accepted and most effective treatment for a range of gynecologic conditions. These include cervical and uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, uterine prolapse and menorrhagia or excessive bleeding among others.

For a more effective, definitive, long-term solution, a hysterectomy -- the surgical removal of the uterus, is often recommended for patients. In fact, this procedure is the second most common surgical procedure for women in the United States, and an estimated one third of all U.S. women will have a hysterectomy by age 60.

If you are facing surgery, regardless of the condition, a primary concern is determining which surgeon will give you the greatest chance for the best possible outcome. Secondly, you want a surgical experience that will be the least disruptive to your everyday life.

Enter da Vinci and the trusted physicians at NWWC, Dr. DeDonato and Dr. Sadowski.

The da Vinci Surgical System combines computer and robotic technologies to create a new category of minimally invasive surgery for which you may be a candidate. By providing Dr. DeDonato and Dr. Sadowski with enhanced capabilities, the da Vinci Surgical System makes it possible to treat a broader range of conditions using a minimally invasive approach. This means with da Vinci, you can have major surgery with only a few tiny, 1-2 cm incisions. In addition, Dr. DeDonato and Dr. Sadowski can operate with better visualization, precision, dexterity and control than possible using traditional surgical methods.

Imagine major surgery performed through the smallest of incisions. Imagine having the benefits of a definitive treatment but with the potential for significantly less pain, a shorter hospital stay, faster return to normal daily activities -- as well as the potential for better clinical outcomes.

Both Dr. DeDonato and Dr. Sadowski perform this minimally invasive surgery at Northwest Community hospital.

To view some of the frequently asked questions about the da Vinci surgical procedure, click here or contact our office at (847) 394-3553. We're happy to answer them for you.
I have a cat -- should I be worried?

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can be found in cat feces. If a woman is exposed to this in pregnancy, her baby could be affected by hearing loss, mental retardation, and blindness. Therefore, we recommend that you have someone else change your kitty litter during pregnancy. If this is not possible, you should wear gloves when handling kitty litter and wash your hands thoroughly immediately following contact. You may still pet and love your cat!

For more answers, click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.
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