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JUNE 2014
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Dr. Kooperman,
Thank you so much for safely bringing our baby Dominic into the world. We are so appreciative of the care you gave me and Dominic. The entire experience was positive and we all felt very safe in your care. We are forever grateful! Thank you!
~ Krisyna
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Reversible Contraceptive Options

Today, many reversible contraceptive options are available. Deciding on the optimal method involves several factors, including knowledge of available options, your personal and family history of medical illnesses, convenience of use, and your own personal preferences.

It is also important to understand that your contraceptive choice may change over time.

Five common reversible contraceptive options include:

The Birth Control Pill: Oral contraceptives, often known as "the pill." It is a combination of progestin and estrogen hormones. They work with your body to prevent pregnancy. Reviewing your personal and family history with a health care provider is important, as the use of oral contraceptives may not be recommended in certain medical conditions. One version of the pill, known as the mini pill, is a progestin-only pill that may be used while nursing.

Depo Provera: This is a contraceptive injection, or shot, of a progesterone-derived hormone. Given every three months, it is convenient, relatively inexpensive, and quite effective in preventing pregnancy. Those who use this method of contraception prefer its safety, convenience, and ease of use.

Long Acting Reversible Implants: A contraceptive implant that contains a progestin hormone. It is small, thin, and very effective. The implant is placed under the skin of the upper arm. It will provide birth control benefits for up to 36 months, and may be removed before that time if pregnancy is desired.

Intrauterine Device: Known as the IUD, the intrauterine device is shaped like the letter "T." The device is inserted into the uterus by a physician. It is unnoticeable during intercourse, and is very effective in preventing pregnancy. There are currently three brands available, lasting three, five, or ten years. Each brand may be removed at any time before expiration, if pregnancy is desired.

Vaginal Ring: The vaginal ring is made of a flexible material and is placed inside the vagina by the patient once each month. This contraceptive device contains hormones similar to those in oral contraceptives. It is convenient and effective in preventing pregnancy.

Choosing the best method of birth control is an important decision. Women who are unsure about the type of contraceptive that is right for them are encouraged to discuss the available options with their doctor. Your health care provider can help you decide which contraceptive option is best for your present needs.
Can I have an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy?

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy has been linked to birth defects and mental retardation. No one knows exactly how much alcohol it takes to cause these problems. Therefore, it is currently recommended that pregnant women avoid any alcohol intake during pregnancy.

For more answers, click here to visit our frequently asked questions page.
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