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MAY 2014
Patient Wins $1,000 APL College Scholarship

On April 17, 2013, Calloway Skwerski was awarded a $1,000 college scholarship from Arlington Pediatrics for his Outstanding Community Service. His resume is very impressive.

Here is a brief summary of Calloway's accomplishments...
  • He has raised $10,000 for "Compassionate Journey's" as part of the Interact-Rotary Club of Rolling Meadows.
  • He has compiled over 100 baskets of food for the Thanksgiving food drive two years in a row.
  • Elite Soccer: Food drives, fundraisers and volunteer coaching Pre-K to 6th grade soccer practices.
(If you are a current junior in High School and an APL patient, please apply for this scholarship for 2015. APL will grant up to two scholarships per year. Details to follow in our APL newsletters this fall.)
APL Patients Win Community Service Grants

This year, several APL patients applied for and received up to $250 each in community service grants sponsored by APL. Our practice encourages all of its patients to participate in community service. We feel it is important for young people to learn to give back to their communities.

Four $250 grants were awarded this year.

The first recipient was Comets Care -- a non-profit charity organization that stems from the Crystal Lake Girls Softball League. This organization was founded by the U-16 players. They give back to the community by participating in "Walk for Lupus," adopting families at Christmas and volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House. For further information, visit their web site at

A second grant was used by an APL patient for a Mission trip to Hungary.

The third grant of $250 was to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The fourth grant was to the Prospect High School Band Boosters.

Lesser value donations were made in support of the BGHS Choral Guild, the BGHS Band Program, and the Hersey High School Instrumental Association.

(APL sponsors up to (8) eight $250 community service grants per year. APL patients can apply for these grants for 2015. Details to follow in our APL newsletters this fall.)
Classes For The Whole Family

Check out what's going on at the IBMC, APL's new classroom. Click here to get a list of upcoming classes for the whole family.
Featured Article
APL Welcomes Tiffany Scott, M.D.

Starting July 2014, Tiffany Scott, M.D. will be joining the APL staff.

"Dr Scott is an outstanding physician and her training is second to none. We have been looking to add that last amazing physician to the APL team and Tiffany is the perfect fit," said Dr. Brottman.

Dr. Scott was born and raised in Michigan. She attended Michigan State University for her undergraduate degree and received her medical degree from the University of Michigan. She completed her residency training at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Dr. Scott has been working as a pediatrician in the North Carolina area since 2011. She is married and has one child.

To make an appointment with Dr. Scott, please call the office at 847-398-0400.


Potty Training Tips with Dr. Santiago

Earlier this year, APL sponsored a class entitled, "Potty Training Tips." The class was taught by Medaline Santiago, M.D.

Dr. Santiago revealed the big secret to successful potty training... "That toilet 'learning' is a developmental process that a child will ultimately master at her own pace." It is not something that has to happen by a certain age, nor is it something that the parent truly has control over. As such, a parent's job is to first identify when their child is ready both physically and emotionally. Only then should they introduce the concept and gently guide them along. For example, signs of physical readiness include regular, somewhat predictable bowel movements that no longer occur in the middle of the night, as well as dryness for more than two hours or after waking from a nap. Signs of emotional readiness often occur later and include wanting to be clean and out of a soiled diaper, being eager to please and showing interest when other family members use the bathroom.

The focus of the talk was learning the signs of readiness as well as signs of resistance, and some stepwise strategies to gradually get them going as well as learning when to pull back. She also discussed how to choose more "powerful" incentives and ways to make the learning process more fun. Dr. Santiago shared many of her own personal experiences (the good and the ugly), and in the end the parents also shared their stories and tips with one another.
Lactation Tips
Free Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes Offered Monthly at APL

Are you an expectant mother? If you've never breastfed before, or even if you have, the idea of breastfeeding can be daunting. Every baby is different, and every lactation experience is different, no matter how many children you have had. Do you know that APL Lactation Services offers free prenatal breastfeeding classes to all prospective mothers? Any expectant mother (and her partner) is welcome to attend! You do not need to be an APL client to take advantage of this offer.

Call 847-398-0400 to sign up for a class today. Our next class is scheduled on May 24, 2014 from 9 am - 11 am.


Correct Flange Fit

Our own Karen Dickert, RN, IBCLC shares her answer to this frequently asked question.
For more information about our lactation services, check out our website:
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