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Attention High School Seniors: Looking for Community Service Hours?

Look no further, APL has two community service programs for you to participate in:

Just Hang It Up Youth Board
APL is looking for two representatives from each High School, Middle School and college in our area to help put a stop to distracted driving. We will form a youth board and elect a president, vice president and secretary. Each school rep will promote the campaign in their community. The initial meeting will be in September and then we will meet every month. Interested students should email:

Visit for more information about putting an end to distracted driving.

Link Together Student Advisory Board
The Student Advisory Board is Link Together's new opportunity for students to build leadership skills, have a voice, promote healthy choices and have fun! The Student Advisory Board will work on community youth drug prevention by following the "Engaging Youth for Positive Change" model, which was developed by the University of Illinois.

Visit for more information.
The Doc Force 5 Open House

Come meet our newest physicians and staff on Saturday, October 11th from 10 am - 4 pm. Get a back stage tour of Arlington Pediatrics. Play games, collect "Doc Force 5" trading cards and win incredible prizes.

Click here for a flyer with complete details.

Classes for the Whole Family

Check out what's going on at the IBMC, APL's new classroom. Click here to get a list of upcoming classes for the whole family.
Featured Article
Does your child have Asthma? You may be surprised to find out the answer!

Jackie Schwarz D.O. and David Baum M.D.

It is estimated that 6.8 million American children, around 9% have asthma.(1) Many children are undiagnosed and suffer needlessly. What is asthma? It's a lung condition due to airway inflammation and narrowing, characterized by cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness and wheezing (a high pitched whistling noise). Various triggers such as colds, seasonal allergies, weather changes, cigarette smoke, and even exercise can bring on episodes. And, some children have symptoms all of the time.

This fall at APL, we are starting a new asthma program called "Easy Breathing." Our goal is to survey every child in the practice at least once. If your child is already diagnosed with asthma, we will survey him or her to see if their asthma is under control. We will also survey patients without a previous diagnosis, to assure no one was missed. If we determine that your child has asthma, we will tailor a treatment plan that is specifically designed to help him or her Breathe Easy! As in the past, we will give every patient with asthma an "asthma action plan." This plan will be used at home, daycare and school. It gives everyone who may care for your child instructions about what to look for and what to do when your child has an asthma flare-up.

If your child is diagnosed with asthma, make sure to bring your inhalers and meds to office visits. We will review how each medicine is used and to assure that you are giving the medicine correctly. Using inhalers and spacers (aero chambers) can be tricky. Some studies indicate that asthma meds are used incorrectly up to 45% of the time.(2) With this new program we hope to improve this dismal statistic, better control our patients' asthma and reduce ER and hospital visits! If your child has asthma, please call to set up their yearly asthma check today! Here's to Easy Breathing!

(1) Asthma Fast Stats - home page.
(2) AL-Jahdali et al. "Improper inhaler technique is associated with poor asthma control and frequent emergency department visits." Allergy, Asthma & Clinical. Immunology 2013, 9:8.
Lactation Tips
How Soon Can I Offer A Bottle?

Our own, Karen Dickert, RN, IBCLC shares her answer to this frequently asked question.
Click here to watch video.

For more information about our lactation services check out our website:

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Below are a few jokes we found funny. Let us know if you have any good ones for our next issue.

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Q. What's the difference between a TV and a newspaper?
A. Ever tried swatting a fly with a TV?
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