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Quiz: How Well Are You Nurturing Your Romance?

A romantic relationship is like a beautiful, vibrant garden that requires regular watering, nutrients and sunshine to keep it alive and healthy.

You wouldn't expect your garden to grow and thrive without taking the proper steps to nurture it. The same is true of your relationship. Without ongoing care and attention to your romance, your relationship will ultimately wither on the vine.

Take the following quiz to find out how well you are nurturing your romance. It contains 10 excellent ways to help love relationships to grow and thrive. Grade yourself on each of the following statements according to how frequently it pertains to you and your relationship. You can then interpret your results at the end of the questions.

Very frequently: 10 points
Often: 8 points
Occasionally: 4 points
Rarely or never: 0 points

1. You hug, cuddle and say "I love you" to your spouse or lover.

2. You compliment your loved one with true and honest statements.

3. You surprise your partner with romantic gestures, such as unexpected cooked meals, special notes, trips or date nights.

4. You enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner: You're as much a willing giver as you are an appreciative receiver.

5. You make your romantic relationship a major priority in your life, as opposed to other distractions such as TV, sports, chores or other obligations.

6. You understand and acknowledge your lover's needs and wants, and show interest in his or her feelings and desires.

7. You are generally willing to give more than you receive—and you don't keep score.

8. You treat your partner with respect, even during disagreements.

9. Along with being intimate partners, you and your loved one are good friends, companions, co-creators, fun pals and spiritual equals.

10. You communicate openly and honestly with your loved one.

Now, add up your total points to find out how nurturing you are of your romantic relationship.

80 to 100 points: Congratulations! You understand that love is about creating an equal and balanced happy relationship with your partner, one in which both of you learn and grow together.

60 to 79 points: Although you might have a few weeds in your garden of love, you are doing an adequate job of nurturing your relationship. But you could use some pointers, such as that in order to have a wonderful partner, you have to be one.

0 to 59 points: You may want to re-evaluate your relationship to determine if it's really the right one for you. Unless you make some changes, your relationship may be in danger of drying up. Please don't hesitate to call if you would like to explore how to reinvigorate your relationship.

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