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August 13, 2014
It is never too hard for me to be happy in the summer. This summer I have had a chance to slow down a little, spend a bit more time with my family and friends, and hang out a lot in my backyard ~ gardening, reading, barbequing and playing with our dog. I'm trying to live more intentionally in ways that make me happier, with a focus on #1 from that list below—Live in the moment. I am pretty good at thinking about all that I have to do that isn't getting done (yet!)—(even those promises I made publicly here, like de-cluttering my house!). So it takes some effort for me to live more fully in the now. But I am doing my best to savour the joyful moments (see #10!), like watching my daughter delight in jumping and cantering on horseback, spending the day seeing 5 plays in a row at the Fringe Festival, watching fireworks in our local park, holding a 10-day old baby, seeing old friends who live far away and remembering why I love them so...

What are you savouring from this summer?

Featured Article
Want To Be Happier?

Much has been written in the past decade about Positive Psychology and the study of wellbeing, which is a bit of a departure from what psychology has spent most of the past century exploring—the causes and treatments for depression, anxiety, and many other painful or problematic psychology states. Positive psychology focuses on what we need in order to flourish and thrive. It is the study of what is right, not what is wrong. Wellbeing and happiness are not simply 'feeling good,' as true happiness is much more than a feeling state, which can be momentary or fleeting. They are also not to be confused with simply feeling pleasure, although being happy is certainly more pleasurable than the alternative. Recent thinking and research also suggests that longer lasting happiness can be best achieved when you add meaning into the picture.

The things that make one person happy will not necessarily do the same for another, so it is important to experiment with your life and try out different approaches in order to raise your happiness quotient.

Here are 25 suggestions that might make you happier. Pick a couple new ones to try out for the rest of the summer:

1. Live in the moment.
2. Be curious.
3. Do something you love.
4. Think of others first.
5. Nurture meaningful relationships with friends and family (other people matter).
6. Take care of your body.
7. Spend $20 on an experience vs. a thing (you'll remember the experience).
8. Pursue meaningful life goals.
9. Be open to what is going on right now.
10. Savor important moments (retelling an experience brings back emotions felt at the time experienced).
11. Surround yourself with cheerful, engaged people.
12. Recognize your strengths and use them in new and creative ways.
13. Count your blessings and express gratitude.
14. Keep an optimism journal—include your dreams for the future and how you will achieve them.
15. Seek advice from your neighbour/friend—take advise from people your trust.
16. Exercise—get out and sweat.
17. Random acts of kindness—do unto others.
18. Meditate, breath.
19. Have more in depth conversations; skip the small talk.
20. Listen to music you enjoy that makes you feel good (it reduces anxiety).
21. Don't compare yourself to others.
22. Offer to help others.
23. Learn something new.
24. Smile ~ even if you don't feel like it.
25. At the end of every day, recall 3 good things that happened that day.
On the Horizon
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Words to Ponder
"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."
- Paul Valery

"Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas."
- Marie Curie

"I am always doing that I which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."
- Pablo Picasso
With a background in education, social work, and psychology, I understand the various ways that people are motivated to change. Throughout my career, I have promoted growth and development, healing, and change. I have worked as an educator, a psychotherapist with individuals, couples, and groups, and have provided training, workshops, and professional development programs.

As a Life Coach, I work with professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs who get stuck in the routines and busyness of everyday life. They have postponed or been derailed from their personal or professional goals, but are motivated to reclaim their lives and live more in accordance with their core values. I help people envision their future and identify what they most want and need in order to thrive. I help them overcome their obstacles so that they can spend their time and energy more intentionally. By working together, my clients reach beyond what they thought was even possible and actively create more meaningful lives.

I live in Toronto with my wonderful partner and our two incredible and talented teenage children.

Paula Klein
Life Coach and Social Worker (MSW)

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